To learn more about the GRIN grant and to apply follow this link.


The Rosemont Community School

We are pleased to announce the successful project for the GRIN grant this year. It goes to The Rosemont Community School. We had three fantastic projects submitted and the committee was challenged in their adjudication. The Rosemont Community School project is called “The Grandmother Garden”. It will be located next to their outdoor learning space with giant rocks in a circle called “The Grandfather Rocks”. It will be a school-wide project for pupils in grades K-8. They will learn about growing plants, their life cycles, soil ecosystems and native plants for food and medicinal uses. The Rosemont elders, parent association and community association have been invited to be a part of the project. We would now like to present the GRIN grant to Marissa Poitras, the project leader and staff member of Rosemont Community School.


The Cathedral Community Fridge Garden

The 2022 GRIN recipient was The Cathedral Community Fridge Garden. RHS provided the funds necessary for a plot in the Cathedral Community Gardens to be planted, harvested, and processed, and distributed by the folks behind the Cathedral Community Fridge. Congratulations to all involved, and especially Michelle Dakiniewich, Robyn Rechenmacher, Jesse Pruden and Brianna Kroner who came to share the Winter Social evening with us. What these community builders did was (no pun intended) ground breaking! Their presentation was informative and inspiring, and outlined the serious work and a collaborative spirit it took for their idea to become such a success. It is no secret that now more than ever, food security is an important aspect when considering quality of life. Their project can be replicated in other neighbourhoods, providing hope and resilience in challenging times. From nutritional needs to the social aspect of “breaking bread”, reinvigorating the urban garden experience can only benefit Regina’s citizens.


Autism Resource Centre

The Autism Resource Centre (ARC) is a non-profit organization that aims to meet the evolving needs of young people with autism. It is our goal to help empower those on the autism spectrum so they can realize their potential, achieve independence and fully engage with their community.


Regina Sexual Assault Centre

A local centre for survivors of sexual violence, an inclusive non-profit organization of trained counsellors and advocates who are dedicated to helping reduce the trauma of sexual violence.

Sprouting Resilience Project


Regina Early Learning Centre

RELC’s “Let’s Grow Together!” community project educated 100 pre-schoolers and their families on growing, harvesting, and eating their own locally grown food. Elder Norma Gene Byrd taught cultural gardening traditions for the project.


Al Ritchie Community Centre

Planter boxes at the Al Ritchie Community Centre at 2250 Lindsay Street and a community garden in Crescent Park.

Seedling Adventures Garden Project