Growing Roots in the Neighbourhood

About: The GRIN Grant initiative was launched in March 2014 in the effort to support community grow projects in Regina. It is annual funding project of up to $1,000 that is awarded to one or more approved project applicants. This grant helps fund projects that support access to healthy food and a healthy environment.

Mission: To encourage gardening for the enhancement of the local environment and the quality of the life of its members and of the general public.

Mandate: To educate, through its various programs, its members and the general public about gardening, and to promote and support gardening in Regina and surrounding area.

Eligible Applicants: GRIN Grant Applicants that are eligible for funding are community based individual or organizational projects including partnerships, schools, service co-ops, community associations, etc. that have not recently received the RHS GRIN Grant. Recipients are not eligible to apply unless it has been at least 5 years and is a totally new project.

Click here to see previous GRIN Grant recipients

GRIN Grant Director – Susanne Arndt email if you would like to know more about this grant or to request an application.